Objective: footwear designer 1


Academy Art University: San Francisco, CA

Master of Fine Arts, Industrial Design:


Athletic footwear design

- Designed signature product inspired by Bruce Lee lifestyle and philosophy

- Created factory ready tech pack

Fashion footwear design

- Designed 15 piece fall 2014 footwear collection.

- Inspired by Greek mythology. 

- Consisted of boots, sneakers, and heels. 


Kasaya back pack, Thesis Project

- Design:

  Minamlist aesthetic for work place appearance.

  Helps urban commuters run to and from work.

- Features:

  Closure system prevents bounce while running.

  Tailored strapping system hugs body during runs.


Welcome Insole Mat, Product Design 3

- Design: 

  Welcome mat using discarded outsoles.


  Reuse of outsoles prevent landfill waste. 


Knee Brace, Product Design 2

- Design:

  Knee protection solution for professional skier Lindsey Vonn. 


  Inspired by Ford Mustang (aerodynamics, paint). 


Tea Pot, Product Design 1

- Design: 

  Form inspired by natural curvatures and movement.


  Paint inspired by motor sport.


  Shop tool basics, color theory, aesthetic sensibilities.


Lace up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge, Portland OR,

Creative Consultant for sneaker webseries


- Led teams consisting of product, color and brand designers to develop and execute projects based on weekly celebrity footwear challenges.

- Worked with producers, directors, and photographers to develop presentations and visuals.  

-Product, packaging, marketing, and presentations completed in 7 day period.

-Series is currently featured on Youtube Red.


Episode 1:

-Redesigned the " Adidas Superstar" with updated colors and materials to reflect actor Anthony Anderson's love of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious Big.

-The left shoe represents Tupac through straight forward color, material and construction.

-The right shoe was inspired by Notorious Big through lavish finishes, jewel tones, thick sock liner and padded tongue.

Episode 2: 

-Served as brand designer to re imagine the " Adidas Pure Boost Expose" running shoe as a fashion heel for model Ashley Graham, while maintaining sneaker visual cues.

-Product was inspired by re imagining Ashley Graham as a body activist super hero. 

-Created a mild mannered daytime look and daring super hero look.

-Designed companion comic book.

Episode 3:

- Designed lifestyle product for rapper Fetty Wap using Adidas "Stan Smith" Tooling.

-Closure system inspired by Fetty's CD sales from car trunk.

- Colorway inspired by Fetty's loyalty to friends depicted through wolf inspired colorway.

Episode 4:

- Created colorstory for Damian Lillard using " Adidas Dame 3" sneaker.

- Crafted story to reflect Dame's love of professional wrestling.

- Created graphics, characters, and animations for presentation.

- Designed packaging inspired by wrestling ring.

Episode 5:

-Designed Adidas product by dissecting several Adidas sneakers to create a new shoe for food personality Eddie Huang.

- Product inspired by Eddies many professions: (author, food personality, restaurateur, writer).

-An element from each Adidas sneaker was used to represent each one of his professions.

Episode 6: 

- Used "Adidas 4D Future Craft" tooling to create running shoe for actress Jamie Chung.

- Inspired by boundless performance.

- Lacing system offered limitless options for fit, color spectrum, and seamless performance.

Episode 7: 

- Designed basketball sneaker for All- Star point guard James Harden.

- Used Hardens unexpected style of play to re imagine him as a magician: "The Great Hardini".

- Magician concept inspired transitioning of panels, materials, and colors, in unexpected ways

- Point of purchase displays, 30 second commercial, and packaging featuring stripe magic and trap doors all inspired by " The Gread Hardini" concept. 

- James harden is scheduled to wear product during 2017-2018 NBA season. 


Pensole Footwear Design Academy, Portland OR,

Fueling the Future of Footwear

- Selected as 1 of 1,300 for program sponsored by Footlocker and Asics.

- Collaborated with Footlocker executives to design an Asics Gel Light 3 colorstory.

-Led team to 2nd place finish.


FN Platform Challenge

- Selected as 1 of 600 for program sponsored by largest footwear trade show in the US.

-led team of 3 designers and color material designer to first place finish.

- Designed marketing campaign, logos, fonts, packaging, slogan, and distribution strategy. 


World Sneaker Championship

- Selected as 1 of 800 for program sponsored by Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Undefeated, Asics, Target, and Brooks.

-Designed lifestyle performance product for Undefeated.

-Used detailed research on consumer history, lifestyle, and performance needs.

-Finished second overall. 


San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

B.S. Business Marketing

- Focus on market research, demographics, advertising, and branding. 



Hella Illustrations


- Operate sneakers inspired print company.

- Created branding, print design, website, and out of box experience.


Free Lance Designers

- TP Mocs, San Francisco

  -Designed contemporary Native American moccasins with traditional practices.

  -Established direction, through branding, product design, and packaging.

- Poron, Connecticut

  -Designed visuals that illustrates TRX flexibility and protection.

  -Discussed client needs and visual direction.

  -Assisted in branding and roll out of product. 

- Big Cat, San Francisco

   - Designed graphics and developed color strategy for street wear brand. 

   - Executed design vision brand message, and web presence.  


Deals Plus, San Jose

Social Media Manager

- Responsible for creating social media awareness of website. 

- Created social media content and contests to engage users.

- Responsible for 25% growth in 3 years.


Maxim Integrated Circuits, Sunnyvale

Product Line Manager

- Responsible for integrated circuit product line of over $250K. 

-Managed production dates of Integrated circuits. 

- Communicated with account managers and engineers on completion dates.

- Products completed with 95% accuracy. 


Enterprise Rent a Car, Santa Clara

Sales Associate

software skills: 

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, SolidWorks, Rhino, Alias, Sketchbook Pro, Wacom / Cintiq, Windows, OSX

Technical Skills:

3D Modeling, Design Sketching ( analog + Digital), Tech Packs, Model Making, Sewing


2015 Twoten Footwear Scholarship Winner

Pensole 2015 Fueling the Future of Footwear (runner up)

Pensole 2015 Future of Footwear Winner ( branding category)

Pensole 2014 World Sneaker Championship Semifinals

Pensole 2013 Future of Footwear Winner ( lifestyle category)